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Cherie's Top 10 Tips when it comes to following your dreams

Cherie Davis

Posted on November 23 2021

The Road Less Travelled

Will you wait until it’s too late?

For the longest time it’s been so easy to stay hidden behind the brand & the products that it represents. 

But what I’ve realized as time goes on & as I get a little older is that we learn so much from one another when we share honestly.

Opening ourselves to the elements so to speak. 

Standing in our vulnerability, exposed can more often than not feel extremely uncomfortable. 

Upon reflection this week, as I begin to share pieces of my soul with the world & with complete strangers that have only ever known me as the tea lady. 

I feel nothing but joy in knowing that what I share with you over the coming months and years is only my truth & a piece of my heart. With the intention of touching your heart, to encourage an opening & unfolding.

All it takes is one person to show up in their openness & say “Hey, this is me I see you too” for the defences  to fall & the domino effect to begin.

By me writing these blogs “Cherie shares” it is a gateway for me to align with my highest value & that is to follow my heart no matter what. 

I’ve been writing in my journal since I was 14. That's 32 years at the time of sharing this with you. Wow that’s a pretty big journal I hear you say. Lol! Plural actually. There have been many.

Jokes aside, putting pen to paper is my way in, my direct line into the divine & all creation. 

For many years I blocked this channel, turned down the high frequency I'd been tapped into for most of my younger years. All the while still writing but not knowing what to do with it and most of all how to utilise it in a way that best serves not only myself but the purpose of why I’m here in the first place.

Many years have passed and thousands of deep reflections later, I’ve come to understand why being persistence and never giving up from this process has actually served me in so many ways. 

I now understand this gateway that opens when I put pen to paper & the energy that emits from me when in this state of being. It’s a space of deep profound healing & presence with spirit, god the divine. Most of the time, what flows through me & comes out on the paper is completely magical, the times when reading it back I often say to myself, "did that come from me?". 

Some of these intimate writings I will share with you as time goes on.

Quite often we are most tapped in & turned on at the times when we least expect it & it is that “thing” we did so well as a child, that calls us back in our later lives to “pick up where we left off” & carry on. 

In my life I’ve followed the roads less travelled & often the longer way around. It has been my way of doing things. I like to work it all out piece by piece & at times when I’ve rushed & moved on too quickly. I’ve been brought right back again at a later point to learn that lesson all over again.

My message today is don't ignore that deep nudge & desire that rises up in you. It is rising up for a reason. 

Your internal navigational system wants only the very best for you. It’s ok to travel on the roads less travelled, you don’t always need to follow the herd. 

It can be lonely at times.

When we take time to truly listen & shut out the madding crowd, we give our intuition a chance to rise and most of all we listen to what your intuition is telling us. 


If I hadn’t listened to my intuition I would not be where I am today & that’s not implying that I’m rich and live a lavish life, far from it actually. This is about being content, taking action & living a full & happy life. Money doesn’t even come into it !

I’ve travelled & worked all over the world, created businesses, been married (twice), owned a fresh cut flower farm in South Africa, been in Switzerland making out with a complete stranger when the clock turned midnight when the new millennium kicked in.

I’ve followed the path of least resistance & where the energy has taken me. When I’ve resisted that, it has led to big trouble in little Cherie’s world.

Life is too short to let it pass by & there are small things you can do today to start creating the life you've been dreaming of. 

As Bronnie Ware writes in her books the top 5 regrets of the dying. The biggest regret of most people as they age or lie in waiting to meet their maker is……………..

They wished they had done that “thing” when they thought of it or wanted to, but didn’t.

I say, Don’t leave it till it’s too late.

All good either way but here are my

Top 10 Tips when it comes to following your dreams & making big & small changes in your life-


  • Communicate and share it with those closest to you-talking about it helps to call it into reality.


  • Don’t overwhelm yourself, take things step by step-even though when we are creating something we often want it done yesterday, slow and steady wins the race (trust me).


  • If you need help in any way, seek out support from a practitioner or someone you trust- we often underestimate support, this is coming from a gal who has gone it alone and did it her way for a long time. My greatest achievements have been met when I’ve called on support to shine a light and guide the way.


  • Absolutely support YOU and celebrate even the small wins-we often forget to celebrate & acknowledge the wins, they are all important no matter how big or how small.


  • Trust those nudges & your internal guidance system, it will never steer you wrong-When we quieten down the noise of our own mind chatter, we create space for the magic to rise up within us. Give yourself the space to tune into that fabulous part of yourself.


  • Know that you are enough & you too are here to be your beautiful divine self - don’t compare yourself to others, what can happen is we put others on a pedestal & we forget to be in our enough-ness.


  • SHINE BRIGHT ! Life is so worth it when you start to look at it from a different perspective- consciously choose what is right for you, focus on what you want not what you don’t want, do everything you need to do to align with what you want & remember you can tweak & change things anytime you want too.


  • Learn from those around you & surround yourself with people who LOVE you- when you surround yourself with those that love and adore you & they have your back no matter what, your confidence builds & your dreams start to appear before your very eyes.


  • Create an environment or space where you can give yourself time to daydream & create-we all need a sacred space to be in our flow, it may be a corner of the lounge, a spare room or a space where you have a chair and table just for you. Make it your own and let those know who live with you that it’s your space to create and be in flow.


  • When you look in the mirror, remind yourself that your only competition is yourself- feel confident in knowing you are a divine being walking this earth with a soul purpose just like everyone else. Whatever that is, it is unique to you & only you. So when you look in that mirror, take a good long look & remember when you rise up and follow your flow, the world rises with you.

    Wherever you are in your life, it’s never too late to dream big and make big or small changes in your life.

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    It’s been an honour to be with you in this space today, I’ll look forward to you joining me next time.

    Please don't forget to share this with someone who might need it most right now.


    Much love 

    Cherie x 

    Your Holistic Herbalist & more 


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