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What is true Holistic prevention?

Cherie Davis

Posted on December 02 2021

What is true Holistic prevention?

Tips of the week to start to help you shift from limited to limitless

Sometimes we never actually know until we take stock of our lives, then something happens & we have an opportunity to let go of people, places and things that are no longer serving us in the way they once did.

We can often have feelings & thoughts that we are limited or have limitations placed on our lives. But what if we switched that & rather opened our lives up to the unlimited and then onto the infinite possibilities, that of which are endless.

Did you know that every thought that has ever been thought still exists in this universe & that our cells within our bodies are regenerating constantly, you are literally not the same person you were 10 years ago?

We are remarkable beings. It's about time we started living and realising so. We are more powerful beyond our own front door & we can change whatever needs to change in a moment. It’s all a matter of perception.

Ever since my Early 30’s I decided to place myself in a position of Holistic prevention rather than Cure. This was due to my life’s circumstances where I felt I had my back up against the wall. I needed to make some drastic changes in my life and prior to that I was most definitely in the place of feeling “Limited rather than limitless.

But what does true prevention actually mean for us & can it mean different things for different people? 

One of the things that I was struggling with the most was the lack of Authenticity in the media & what I was being told by the doctors at the time. It was all very confusing indeed & so I was finding that on one hand it was being shared that you should do this, then on the other hand being sold on that. 

I don’t know about you but I was beginning to question so much about my day to day life, what I was eating, how I was sleeping, how I was communicating, how well hydrated I was, what to wear & where to live. It really takes you down a rabbit hole that goes on forever & once you open Pandora's box, well there is no going back.

Without getting too off track with all of this, I’ll ground this in for you a little more and ask you these questions?

  • What is true holistic prevention?
  • Why do we wait until it’s too late to really take care of these amazing bodies & beings that we are?
  • Do we actually care enough about ourselves or have we become complacent over time because we live in a “Country” that offers us safety and security...or so it seems?

I don’t know about you. They are all loaded questions and require pause for thought indeed.

I just want to flag it here, that in recent times on this planet, don’t you think that these questions are valuable moving forward if we are going to really become empowered about our “humanness” & take care of what we have been ‘gifted.?”

Pause for thought-

“Yesterday is history

Tomorrow’s a mystery

Today is a gift

That’s why it’s called the present

Learn from the past

Plan the future

Live in today”

-Michael Josephson

To me, our health is the most important thing to start off with when looking at what preventative measures we can take in order to live a wonderful & full life. It doesn’t have to be hard or difficult, in fact the more simplistic the better. 

So how do we begin to shine a light on living a life of prevention rather than cure?

Here are my examples & tips of the week to shift your life from limited to limitless

But first some of the reasons why we don’t take care of ourselves

Limited Mindset-possibly restricted limiting beliefs holding you back

  • Beliefs
  • Upbringing
  • Putting others needs before your own
  • Afraid to know
  • Leaning on the system and trusting that it has your back

Unlimited Mindset-How to start to create preventative measures in your life

  • Be proactive, start with your food intake
  • Talk to a holistic practitioner
  • Start to find out about other ways to make changes
  • Seek out support of those around you
  • Look at your sleeping patterns
  • Are you getting enough exercise
  • How much water are you drinking

I’ll dive into each one of these areas as we travel through the weeks and some of these may be insignificant right now, but believe me if you only took one of those areas from the unlimited section & began today, with just that alone you will experience phenomenal change. 

I recently worked with a client of mine & just by starting with the Food aspect of her life she lost 2kg within the first two weeks of her journey. I have many examples of how taking stock by placing certain components of our lives under the microscope, we can start to make small changes that will have a significant impact on your life for the rest of your lives.

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Thank you for joining me this week, it’s always a pleasure

Guiding you to greater health, healing and happiness

See you next week 

Cherie x

Your Holistic Herbalist & more


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