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A Brand New Normal

Organic Mama

Posted on March 31 2020

Mornings are a lot slower lately.  We all roll out of bed just before 8, the baby already have taken his first nap of the day at 6:30. A slow puttering to the kitchen for bowls of cereal, toast, and a big coffee for a very tired Mama.

We roll the day into school work, a snack at 10, some outdoor kinetic sand play, back to school work, reading with teachers, and the lunch.

It’s not the sort of lunch of midweeks past, it’s a family lunch. Every day. And it’s lovely.  Sometimes we take a drive, sometimes we stay home locked behind our gate all day.

Corona Virus (Covid-19) as changed everyone’s lives, and created what we now know as a new normal.

It's a new normal where the walls of our home are a fortress protecting us from an invisible enemy.

A new normal where the best relationships outside immediate family are held over WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype and zoom.

A new normal where my husband works from home and while he spends a good part of the day holed up in his home office working, he IS around and available if I need him (and I do need him).

He and my 6 year old daughter have a daily skip rope competition which is just about as adorable as it sounds.

A new normal where my 9 year old has discovered her love of singing and found an app where she can record herself singing karaoke.

Our baby is so off schedule, but he's loving the hustle and bustle of having his sisters around all day. We decided to start feeding him solids which has been a major source of amusement every day.

My 12 year old has started taking her school work seriously and decorating her room with brand name magazine advertisements.

A new normal where I have day pajamas and night pajamas, where a big outing consists of a walk around the block, or a drive in the car.

For the first time in my adult life, I’ve been going grocery shopping only once a week- leaving my house at 7:30 to line up and be one of the first in the store in an attempt to avoid larger crowds.

But yesterday my husband put a moratorium on that- and he’ll be handling the shopping from here on out.  It’s hard for me to let go, but I’ve never had the best immune system and I’m feeding the baby... I've warned him he'll have to shop with me on FaceTime haha!

I'm a freezer hoarder--have been my whole adult life.  Self professed savior of rotting bananas everywhere (let me know if you want an incredible recipe for chocolate chip banana bread), but honestly it's come in very very handy.  Every day after lunch, I take something out from the freezer, and that's dinner.

Last night I foraged the freezer and came out with 10 (yes TEN!) slices of leftover pizza. I’ve probably been saving them over the past 7 months.  I also pulled out some zucchini and potato pancakes I made back in December.

Voila - dinner!

A bit random I agree but you know what- no one went hungry, everyone was happy, and it was fine--even better than fine.

I'm trying to embrace the pause of life we're currently in.  It almost feels like an extended summer holidays, but I'm going with it.  Bedtimes are out the window, but I'm going with it.

It’s just the new normal. A new normal where we are all doing our best to get by, to not fall apart, to stay healthy, to provide for ourselves and our families.

And guess what- our best is good enough.  In fact, it's great.

Stay healthy friends.

With love,

Organic Mama xo


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