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And the story continues...

Organic Mama

Posted on May 31 2019

Energy is a very powerful thing.  It can draw people together, it can push them apart.

When you are lucky enough to share a relationship with someone that you can almost sense their emotions from a distance, it's a very special thing.

My husband always knows them somethings up and a message will pop on my phone "you ok?"  It's not for a crisis, G'd forbid, or anything like that, just an overall sensation that I need to hear from him--to know he's thinking and checking on me.  And I can do the same in return.

I count my lucky stars every day that we were brought together.

But this isn't about him--it's a continuation of the story I told you last week--have you been waiting on baited breath?

My friend doesn't know about this blog--it's not something that I've shared with a lot of people simply because I want to be able to write what's in my heart without having to think about people I interact with every day knowing my innermost feelings.  I'm not ashamed--just not ready, and that's okay.

But getting back to the energy, she must have sensed how I was feeling, and on Sunday evening, she reached out to me.  She wanted to talk.  Could we get together this week?

We made a plan, and on Wednesday afternoon, I headed over to her house.

It was great to see her.  We spent about an hour catching up on the day to day chit chat, and about 20 minutes before we both had to leave for school pickup, I got the guts to say "okay, as wonderful as it is to chat, I know there's something you want to talk to me about--should we get to it?"  She was grateful I had said it because she said the moment she saw me, she didn't know how.

It took her a moment to gather her thoughts and she told me her story--what she had been feeling, why she felt she needed to take a step back.

I knew exactly what she was going to say.  I had had a feeling that's why she was upset.

I listened to her, I heard her, I apologised to her.  I hadn't intended to make her feel that way.

And then I asked to tell my version of the same story.

I told her the exact same story from my perspective--not justifying, but just letting her know the way I had been feeling.

She felt terrible.

She asked "where do we go from here?" I said "We move forward."  I thanked her for taking the first step to reconciliation. 

It's not easy to hear you've hurt someone you care about--even if you have hurt of your own.  But holding on to that hurt--that hurts even more.

Neither of us was ready to let go of the friendship, and frankly I'm glad we didn't.  I

I've missed her, she's missed me.

It felt good to unload our feelings, our experience, and also eye opening to see how it looked from the other side.

Is there someone you should take a step toward?

Wishing you all love, connection and happiness, always.

Organic Mama xo


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