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Living in a History Lesson

Organic Mama

Posted on March 20 2020

Right now we are living in unprecedented times.  This has never happened before.  Never before has the entire world been effected by the same exact thing. Never before have we been driven into our homes by an invisible enemy.

Never before have schools, religious institutions and places of employment ALL OVER THE WORLD been closed down.

It's never happened before.

And it's really, really scary.

“These are crazy times…” begins every email in my inbox, a reminder from every company whose services I have ever (or never?) used.
As if we didn’t know.
As you forge ahead with living our lives within four walls, where we have become nurses, school teachers, cleaners, and everything else under the sun, I IMPLORE YOU to get your priorities straight.

Number One is the health and happiness of your family unit. Trust me, your children will remember this period of time forever, and its effects will linger far beyond 2020. Take care of THEM more than worrying about how clean your floor is. This is a education opportunity like you never had. 
Adjust expectations.  You can't be everything to everyone.  You can only do your best.  If you and your family are healthy, there is nothing else that is more important.  Yes, we are all under an extreme amount of stress, many of with our jobs on permanent hold, unsure of how we will manage financially.

And whatever you can realistically do while maintaining calm and order, you SHOULD do. But I am also suggesting that your health and sanity, as well as that of your entire family, is far more important.

In all likeliness, a lot more of your life will fall into place than you imagine right now. Your calm and cheer will facilitate that. But even if it doesn’t, well then … “These are cray times…” 
Wishing you all good health and love,

Organic Mama xo

*adapted from parts of an open email from Shmuel Lesches


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