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Speaking the Unspeakable

Organic Mama

Posted on August 09 2019

I'm sure you've all been following the news and heard about the atrocities that happened in Ohio and Texas in the United States over the past two weeks.

Please understand, this isn't a political post, just one written out of sadness for the world we are living in, and the world we are leaving to our children and future generations.

These unspeakable acts took the lives of 36 people, and wounded 102.

But sadly, this isn't new.

While I am blessed to never have experienced first hand the vile evil that would cause someone to do such a heinous thing, I was touched in my second year of University.

On May 21, 1998, I was fast asleep when I woke to loud and relentless sirens passing by my student apartment.

My Mom called and said "Did you hear the news?  Where are you?"

A very sad and heartbreaking story unfolded as the day progressed--a school shooting at Thurston High School in Eugene, Oregon, just down the road from where I lived.

A boy, whose name I will not give any more attention to, killed his parents, and then arrived at the school where he had just been expelled, to killing 4, and injuring 25.

I remember the shock, the fear, as we all tried to understand "why," a question that would never be answered.

I went to the local Red Cross and waited 6 hours to donate blood.  It was all I could think to do.

I had a friend in hospital at the time, and when I visited him later that day, I couldn't get over how many people there had been directly and personally effected by the shooting.

And sadly, it wasn't the last time a public act of violence would touch my life.

It upsets me so that we live in the day and age where we don't have any sense of overwhelming security.

I will admit, being in Australia, thank G'd, does feel far removed, and safer than what's happening in other places in the world--a utopia of sorts, but that certainly doesn't mean we're immune.

In the Burke Street Mall attack of January, 2017, a beautiful, innocent girl by the name of Talya was murdered.  She was a student in Primary School, shopping with her mother and sister on the last days of the holidays.  

It could have been anyone.  It broke my heart.  My daughter who was 7 at the time her sister a condolence card. 

How do you explain to your kids that the world isn't something to be afraid of, but something  you can't pretend is safe?

Sorry to be so heavy and deep--this is just weighing very heavily on my mind...

Please be safe my friends.  Keep your eyes open.  Don't stop living, don't stop loving.  Kiss regularly, hug tightly, say "I Love You."

Wishing you all love,

Organic Mama xo


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