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Posted on May 16 2019

I remember when I was about 7 and my Uncle turned 40. I have young parents who didn’t turn 40 until I was well into my teens, so when he turned 40, he seemed really really really...old.

There was the classic tombstone cake, the over-the-hill signs, the cane.

It left a lasting impression on me that 40 was old and furthermore something to be ashamed of.

Well guess what happened last year? 

I turned 40.

The build up and anticipation was intense. I was dreading and I mean dreading the day. My husband gravitated between wanting to do something really special for me, and being a little afraid to do the wrong thing.  

I felt like it was the end of my young years.  I didn’t feel 40- I felt 27, and because I have good genes, I don’t “look” 40.  So I don’t look 40 and I don’t feel 40- what does that make me?

It makes me ME.  I am who I am.

I mean, 40 IS a milestone!  I survived the awkward preteen years of braces, hormones and big bangs!  I survived pre-calculus and dancing with pimply boys to "Stairway to Heaven!"  I survived a stange roommate in a dorm at University, my first time living alone, moving to New York!  Dating in New York!  I've got some stories to tell, and some scars to remember by, but Thank G'd, I'm here.

And guess what, Friday I turn 41.  It doesn’t feel nearly as momentous, but is a special gift nevertheless and I’m going to celebrate it in a very special and quiet way, doing small but meaningful things.

I bought myself new pajamas and a robe yesterday and boy that felt decadent.

My husband asked me what I wanted as a gift and I said I wanted his time and attention.So we are going to spend the day together- go on a day trip while the kids are at school, have lunch on the peninsula- just reconnect.

Today I’m getting a massage and a facial, and I even picked up sushi for myself for lunch, and to make the day even more exciting, the kids have parent-teacher tonight so we got a sitter and we’re going to get dinner.

It's a week of small but significant treats, self care and self love.I’m seeking as I get older, it really is the little things that mean the most.  My kids singing to me and smothering me with extra hugs and kisses, bringing home pictures they made for my birthday at school...I even made tuna patties for dinner last night.

Wishing you all blessings and goodness for your next trip around the sun- whether you’re turning 41 or not.

With love,

Organic Mama xo 


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