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Lucy Mitchell

Posted on March 12 2020

This week marks 4 weeks until I jet off on my trip of a lifetime. 

I’m here to confess to you all that I’m an overpacker. When I’m packing for a trip and I’m putting t-shirts for example in my suitcase. I think “what happens if I get a bad stain on one of them and then get a hole in another one?” I always seem to think of the worst case scenarios. So instead of packing three t-shirts, I instead will pack six. Because you know, “just in case”.

Packing is an art form. It’s all about what you need to pack, not necessarily on what you want to pack. Because you do after all want to have room for bringing all your souvenirs and shopping that you did on your trip home. 

You also want your suitcase to look nice and be organised inside. If you couldn’t already tell I’m a virgo (neat freak alert!).

So here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to packing for a trip away.


  1. It’s better to underpack than overpack. 
  2. Pack a spare change of underwear and a fresh outfit in your carry on. Do this just in case (fingers crossed it doesn’t happen) your luggage gets lost.
  3. Make a list. I can’t stress this enough! A list will become your best friend. It allows you to keep track of what and how much your packing. And who doesn’t love that satisfying feeling when you tick or cross something that you’ve accomplished on the list.
  4. Research the weather for the place/places you’re going. This means that you aren’t going to pack your bathers when you’re going to London in the middle of Winter.
  5. Roll your clothes. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will save you a preposterous amount of room when packing. Stuffing your underwear into your rolled socks is also another great room-saver. To avoid having bulky and awkwardly shaped items in your suitcase, wear these bulkier items on the plane. 
  6. Purchase and pack an international travel adapter. This will change your life! Some hotels will allow you to use one. But that isn’t always the case. It’s always best to bring your own (in this case). Along with an adapter is to pack with you a powerboard. This allows you charge your phone, laptop, etc with just the one travel adapter. I know, you’re welcome. You can thank me later.


  1. Don’t pack multiples of things. For example, sunglasses, runners, hats. Remember that less is always more.
  2. Don’t bring a bunch of makeup. Most of the time you’ll want to stick to the basics of foundation, concealer, mascara and maybe some highlighter if you’re feeling a little fancy. But I’m sure that you won’t be trying to perfect that Beyoncé look whilst on holiday.
  3. Don’t panic if you forget anything. If you forget to pack shampoo or even soap. No need to stress. There are lots of little supermarkets overseas. And why not try a shampoo brand that you can only find in Paris.
  4. Don’t leave large amounts of air space in your checked luggage – this will result in your contents shifting during transit and potentially getting damaged.

Now as I’m sharing these do’s and don’t with you all, I too want to listen to these and do them myself. Because as you can see, I’m far from being the perfect packer.

Lucy xx


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