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Lucy Mitchell

Posted on March 01 2020

In just under 6 weeks, my best friend and I will be endeavouring on a 6 week trip to Europe. We will be travelling to England, Scotland, Ireland, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Malta, Florence and Rome. I know - it’s a lot to fit in 6 weeks. 

95% of me is so excited to go and can’t wait to travel around Europe with my best friend. The other 5% is slightly freaking out about the entire trip. I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that I’m really not the best flyer. On a plane something just comes over me and I start thinking about things that would happen to the plane and the flight. So obviously you don’t find me watching aeroplane investigation shows or movies relating to unfortunate things that can happen to planes.

A few weeks ago I began having a few dreams about missing our flight out of Melbourne and somehow ending up in the wrong city with no accommodation booked.

Another dream I had was we left home where it usually takes 1.5 hours to get to the airport. In this dream we left home 30 minutes before our flight was due to leave for London. I kept saying that there is no way possible that we could make it in time. But my friends in the car with me were certain we were going to make it. I then woke up. So we will never know if we made it or not.

Thankfully, I’ll have my new noise cancelling headphones that I received as a Christmas to hopefully help and distract me.

The only time I’ve had to fly alone was a few years ago when I flew to Byron Bay. I know it sounds a bit silly because the flight was only just over 2 hours long. The weeks leading up to the flight I was okay. But when it came to the morning of the flight - I was a wreck. If I was flying with someone I knew I definitely would feel a lot better. Because getting distracted is key when flying. I need someone with me to be able to reassure me and to have a chat with.

I’ve discovered some tips for nervous flyers that I’m going to use for my upcoming trip:

  1. Get your content ready - If you like watching Youtube or videos, download some on your phone. Your mind will wander away from the action of flying once you put on your favourite episode of Friends.
  2. For long trips, plan out what you’re going to do each hour - A 12-hour flight screams boredom, and boredom leads to overthinking, and overthinking leads to anxiety. Yep – it’s a vicious cycle. So whatever you do - don’t get bored.
  3. Sleep. Anyway you can.
  4. Do whatever relaxes you - Meditate, listen to music, whatever it is for you. It’s an obvious tip, but you can get so stressed out if you just sit in your seat and do nothing. Try to do routine things you already do at home. So, if you drink a cup of tea every afternoon, ask the flight attendant for a cup.

Thankfully with this trip I’ll have my best friend with me for all the flights. However that stops on the flight back home. Initially, we were flying back home together. But my best friend has decided that she wants to take a leap of faith and live in London for a little bit. I couldn’t be more proud and happy for her. It just means that I have to fly alone… 24 hours flying without anyone with me… wish me luck.

I’m excited to share all my exciting stories, tips and tricks when it comes to my upcoming adventure!

Lucy xx


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