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How to Brew the Perfect Chai in the comfort of your own home....

Cherri Davis

Posted on August 20 2017

How to Brew the Perfect Chai in the comfort of your own home....

Its seems that in recent times Chai has become the buzz word around cafes!

It has become hugely popular as consumers seek an alternative's to coffee and other warm drinks on the market. 

With the focus on ingredients and quality, the original powdered sugary versions start to pale in comparison. With the gorgeous array of quality loose leaf Chai available on the current market these days.

Being an artisan of sorts myself when it comes to tea blends & formulating a quality product. I thought it only right to share my take on chai and how to brew a perfect cup in the comfort of you own home for yourself or for friends and family.

Its no longer something you just need to purchase from your favourite cafe, you can now carry that over at home and impress your guests with a winter pleasure of a gorgeous, warm, seductive chai.

There are a number of creative suggestions when it comes to Chai brewing however today I'm going to share with you my suggestions on Chai Tea & Chai Latte home made style.

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Suggested Brewing

Chai Tea

1 Heaped Teaspoon per Cup/Mug place the loose leaves into an infuser or teapot & steep for 3-5 minutes the longer you steep the stronger it will be.

Cherri's tip!

For Steep time 2-3 minutes for a perfect chai tea, my personal preference is without Milk. For a gorgeous Milk option follow the Chai latte instructions below.

Chai Latte

Take a saucepan and place 500ml to 1 litre (500 ml for 2 & 1 litre for 4) of preferred milk into the pan, place on a very low heat and slightly warm the milk, add 2 heaped table spoons for loose leaf (2 tablespoons in 500ml & 4 table spoons in 1 litre) in the warming milk & allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes on a low heat.

On a very low heat!!

Cherri's Tip!

Be aware that the milk can over boil very quickly, so keep an eye on it and keep in on a VERY LOW heat! Trust me this Tip comes with plenty of personal experience, you don't want to be crying over your spilled milk :-(

You may also want to add 250 ml of filtered water to the mix if you don’t like it as milky, by adding water it will thin the mixture out slightly. Personally I  leave it thick and creamy.


Once ready Strain and serve


Milk options: Almond, Skim, Oat, Rice, Soy and full cream.

Cherri's Tip!

When it comes to Milks, I personal love Bonsoy, Rice or Oat, you can find your organic versions at you local organic store. When it comes to Almond you need to remember that Almond milk separates when heated at a high temperature.

Also remember that you can save the left over chai for the next day. I generally place it in a glass bottle with a lid and keep in the fridge for up to a week. There are plenty of yummy things we can make with extra Chai, stay tuned and I'll fill you on some of the creative ways I use my extra chai latte.


Until next time Happy Sipping & if you want to find out more about the chai range check it out here



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