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My Quit Smoking Tea 60 Grams (30 Serves)


My Quit Smoking Tea  from the MY ORGANIC TEA range is a delicious tea with herb properties that may assist the craving of a cigarette.

However,  it's time to train the brain and break the habit. When you feel like a cigarette, replace the urge with a cup of this blend.  


Hyssop: Helps to relieve stress and lessen withdrawals. Removes toxins from the intestine, bladder, liver and kidney's at the same time cleanses the lungs. 

Licorice:  Restores and rejuvenates. Calms the mind, nourishes the brain, benefits vision and stamina. Its also traditionally used for soothing the lungs caused by respiratory ailments.

Siberian Ginseng:  Increase energy, longevity, and vitality. Can help with mental or physical stress.

Lobelia: Also known as an Indian tobacco. Assists in keeping the lungs clear, a herb to negate with tobacco cravings.

WARNING: Do not take Lobelia if you have heart disease, tobacco sensitivity, paralysis or if you suffer from seizures, and/or if you are recovering from shock.

Citrus: Added for flavour and detoxification purposes. 


 Best results are achieved if you consume this blend on a regular consistent basis.