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Sacred Heavenly Blend



Ingredients: Lemon grass, Olive leaf, rose hips, ginger, lemon myrtle, citrus

Suggested Brewing:

1 heaped teaspoon per cup into and infuser and steep for 5 minutes then remove the leaves and they can be reused for a later cup. Taste Great as an iced Tea

If your looking for a step up from the Ginger Lemon blend and would like something with a little more bang ! Then I suggest having a look at the Heavenly Blend, a gorgeous blend with the extra ingredients that not only have an array of extra benefits but also taste amazing.

Here are some of the benefits of this blend:

*high in Vitamin C

*high in Antioxidants 

*improve immune function

*may help headaches

*possible relief from spasms

*possible relief from fever

*lower blood pressure