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It is wonderful that you've stopped by today, I absolutely love what I do and I've combined my years as a Holistic herbalist (over 20 years working with plant medicine) and Advanced Physical iridologist (study of the eyes) with my mystical/spiritual side to share with you this wonderful Alchemy of a soul Reading.

I'm always able to meet people right where they are at & guide them and help them to realign with their path & get to the root of the challenge, these readings and guidance can be utilized in many ways, sometime people have a question about their health and well-being concerns, but at the same time have concerns of underlying symptoms and emotions or that thing you just can't put your finger on. Some people just want some guidance with where they are going.

Connect with your Souls Purpose through your eyes, you will enjoy this experience so much. It is always interesting what comes to the surface and wants to be heard.

Your eyes are the windows to your Souls Wisdom and just by looking at your eyes alone I can connect you with

*Your Optimum Health & wellbeing
*Your Genetic Blueprint
*deep underlying health concerns
*The foods to avoid
*The protocol to incorporate into your life
*the life path and direction of your souls call
*Assist you to connect with your deeper why and purpose in this life

When we connect & you purchase this offering, I will ask you to send me a close up of your eyes & a recent photo of yourself, you will receive all the instructions upon your purchase in your inbox.

From there I will supply you with a reading based on your order & send the digital report and reading within 2 week (14 days) , there are the options of ordering a reading that includes a voice recording as well as a written reading.

I put a lot into these readings & that is why it takes up to 2 weeks, I don't like to overpromise and underdeliver. My intention is to connect you with what is most important at this time.

I will contact you as soon as I receive your order & will stay in close contact with you

It's an honor and a privilege to connect with you