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My Mood Tea 60 Grams (30 Serves)

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This blend from the MY ORGANIC TEA range is recommended for balancing and maintaining mood. My Mood Tea is very good for balancing moods associated with a busy life. 

Emotions play an essential part of mental well being. If you feel that you may require some guidance with a personal situation or you are feeling depressed, please chat to a doctor or a friend. Call lifeline 13 11 14 (Australia Only)

WARNING: Some ingredients in this blend may cause drowsiness and operating machinery, driving a vehicle or consuming alcohol is NOT recommended. 


Passionflower: Assists with sleep, relaxation, relieves anxiety, stress and tension.  

Skullcap: Sedative effect, calms the nerves. Rich in potassium that assists the brain and the nervous system.

Peppermint: Helps clear a headache and relive nausea. soothes aching muscles.    

Rosebuds: Calming on the stomach, excellent for skin.

Rhodiola Root: Elevates the capacity for exercise, improves energy levels.

Vervain: Used as an alternative to Valium.

Please note that Vervain may interfere with blood pressure medication and hormone therapy medication. If in doubt, contact your doctor.

Caffeine: NIL

Best results are achieved if you consume this blend on a regular consistent basis.