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Cleanse Gorgeous Green



Australian Organic Sencha Green Tea

Available in: 100g & 250g

Origin: Australia

 You can't get any better than this, if your a green tea lover you will adore this one.

Grown in Australia, Organic, Certified Organic

All Organic


Sweet and delicious!


Here are some of the benefits to Organic Sencha Green Tea:

*Assisting with weight control/fluid retention

*Less Caffeine than black tea

*Tastes Great as an Iced Tea

*Possible Anti ageing benefits

*Assists with the balance of Energy through out the day

*High in antioxidants 

*helping fight off free radicals in the body

*Is Australian Grown



Suggested brewing: 1 heaped teaspoon per large cup/mug 3 minutes then remove the leaves and reuse for the next time.